amy, 21, canada. I have a god-given right to wear a polo shirt.


If you’re lonely, bored, or unhappy, remember you are mad young. There is so much time to meet new people and go to new places.


netflix gives u 15 seconds between episodes to decide whether or not you’re doing anything with ur life today

get to know me meme: [8/15] pairings » captain hook & emma swan

I’d go to the end of the world for her. Or time.

Music is a religion to me and my friends.


i think i visit my blog more than anyone else does

The Kinks

Well I’m not dumb but I can’t understand
Why she walked like a woman and talked like a man

"Found one of my old journals from right around the time we were heading out on tour with NFG in the UK early 2008. I started reading it and couldn’t help but cry a little bit, because that person was really confused and very lost, and as it went on, the person behind the pen seemed to get a little bit stronger… That part felt good. It was the reminder I needed that right now I’m as strong as ever. There really isn’t a point to telling you all of this, except maybe I want to thank you, because you are a constant reminder that I’m not as lost as I once was.” 



i love minimalist pop punk… srry just wanted to sound cool for my friends

its just 2 guys tapping on a pizza box saying the word “friends” once every 4 hours

ten favorite films [the blues brothers]

A Certain Romance(Acoustic)
Arctic Monkeys


A Certain Romance(Studio Acoustic)
from Straighten The Rudder

"Don’t you know, oh it’s a funny thing you know
We’ll tell them if you like
We’ll tell them all tonight
They’ll never listen”

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